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Kill Your Dog

A few months back, a guy a few doors down threatened to a kill a man’s dog because he mistook the man for one who doesn’t pick up after his dog. Cops were called, there was a whole thing. Shortly thereafter these signs went up.

Sure enough, just walking by this guy’s house with your dog gets him glaring at you like you’re the one about to squat in his yard and leave it.

I get annoyed when people don’t clean up after their dogs, but it takes a special kind of person to threaten death.

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  1. Nat

    WOW. Thats a little extreme, no? People like that make me nervous. We ALWAYS pick up after our furry friend, but I hate when me doggy’s doin his business and the person who own the house or whatever is staring at us. CALM DOWN!!! She needs to use the bathroom too!!!

  2. Karen

    Just another reason I prefer animals to people…

  3. Shelly

    We actually had a guy carry out his threats in another neighborhood a few blocks away. It was pretty scary; several people lost their pets. Fortunately, he was caught red-handed by the police and is now in jail.

  4. mayo

    so what? if youre going to own an animal clean up after it.. rather than leaving it for some stranger to have to clean up. him being pissed off is an obvious reaction. i dislike dogs and i dislike dog owners even more, especially the pretentious ones that dont care what their dogs do or hold them in higher regard than people. threatening death may be a little bizarre but if it keeps the shit off his lawn, good for him.

  5. Ryan

    Um, no.

    Again, he threatened a guy who he *thought* was one that didn’t clean up after his dog. The guy was carrying bags with him, for heaven’s sake.

    threatening death may be a little bizarre

    No — threatening death is more than “a little bizarre.” It’s psychotic.

  6. Wendy

    People are so much better than animals…point told.

    You know, mayo, I honestly can’t understand why you would hate people who just want to dedicate a part of their lives helping an innocent furry little creature, who, in spite of having loving owners, lives a much tougher life than you.

    If you hate them for doing their business which comes naturally, then YOU don’t go the bathroom for a week and see how you like it. You should be lucky to have your own bathroom, toilet paper, and flusher to comfortably do what comes instinctively when nature calls.

  7. Jack

    Someone is upset because a home owner is staring at them while their dog is doing their business even though they’re going to pick it up!?!??!?! What the hell are you doing letting your dog go in someone else’s yard the first place. STAY IN YOUR OWN YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ryan

    I’m not quite sure what world you live in, but it’s normal for people to walk their dogs, and dogs will have to go while being walked. It’s part of living in a suburban neighborhood: dogs will go in your yard. Now, I’m not talking about walking up to your front door and peeing in the bushes by your house, but I think pretty much everyone accepts that the strip of grass by the street is fair game.

    Responsible dog walkers will, of course, try and make sure their dog doesn’t go on flowers and will pick up after their dog. Seems reasonable to me.

  9. Mark

    And I’m not quite sure what world you live in, but my yard is my yard including the “strip of grass by the street”. My big problem with pet owners is this attitude that we all love fluffy and its some kind of communal responsibility. I didn’t sign up for anything, so why am I involved at all. There are plenty of places you can walk your dog other than my property. You better believe that I consider it a sign of disrespect when some self absorbed ass uses my yard for a toilet. And I’ve done a lot more than just glare at the idiots who have made the mistake of thinking this is their right. And just in case your wondering, in most cities, it is against the law to walk your dog on any part of another persons property.

  10. ryan

    I have yet to see a place where you’ll be fined for walking your dog on the sidewalk in front of someone’s house.

    Listen, the flowers in by our mailbox get trampled and pooped on pretty frequently by neighborhood dogs. It’s annoying, yeah, but it’s one of those things I’ve learned to put up with.

  11. Edith

    I really feel sorry for this self absorved people that make life impossible for pets and their owners. I bet you anything, that if any of you insensitive people were to go blind, you will be the first ones to demand an eyeseing dog. If you were even gasping for air under a ton of snow, you will be praying for an avalancce rescue dog, to save your life. You will be delighted to have a dog piss on you if you were trap by rubble after an earthquake. My sister die of cancer last year, while in the hospital I saw several dogs visiting children that were terminally ill. It says a lot about a person that hates animals. I feel sorry for you

  12. Yakob

    I hate dog owners much more than dogs themselves. While I don’t deny that dogs are filthy creatures and I wouldnt touch one for a $100 – its not their own fault. The dog did not choose to live in a flat, be bound by a leash, wear a sweatshirt and a silly hate and be made to pee on other people’s yards because their owner chose to “own” this dog and force it to live in habitation meant for human beings.
    If you love dogs so much go live in the woods and keep them with you. If you want to live with humans then keep those filthy animals out of others’ property.

  13. Nancy

    Yakob comes from a culture that hates dogs. I know this because he used that trademark phrase, flithy creatures.

    Needless to say, people like Yakob procreate and then bring their dirty, screaming pride and joy to a restaurant, expecting us all to put up with that annoying noise. *Sigh*

  14. Todd

    Seeing eye dogs and rescue dogs have their uses, of course. Bringing a little dog to a child in the hospital is no different than bringing a toy or sharing some other animal temporarily on lone from the zoo or otherwise. And just because some owner doesn’t want a dog to do his business on his lawn, doesn’t mean he hates dogs or hates a dog for having to go to the bathroom, he simply hates a smelly pile on his lawn. Seriously sophmoric responses that don’t address the issue in anyway.

    I personally cannot even take a walk without feeling like I am “running the gauntlet” with dogs everywhere in my neighborhood. I am a cyclist and get chased by dogs about every other day on average in every neighborhood I go in a 100 mile radius. I have had large dogs attack me while their owner just sits there and says the same damn thing everytime “Oh, he won’t hurt you”. No, your wrong, just because he won’t hurt the owner, does not mean he won’t hurt me. No owner has ever seen their dog in every situation, and there are situations where a dog may misinterpret a harmless motion as an attack on the owner. I have seen dogs that are perfect angels their entire existence, then suddenly kill another dog because it stepped foot on the lawn.

    If you feel that you have to own a dog, then you need to take responsibility for its entire domain. If it is outside the house, it better be quiet and tied up. If it is outside your property it better be on a leash, and you better be strong enough to contain it. You should always provide enough room for others, so that they don’t have to come in contact if they don’t want. A dog can wait long enough to get to some bushes or lot where you can still pick up after it when it is done. If not, you are simply inconsiderate of others, and ignorant to the fact that not all people wish to own or even interact with dogs on any level. If a dog is trouble and continues to be trouble after repeated calls to animal control, it should be put down.

  15. Ryan

    If a dog is trouble and continues to be trouble after repeated calls to animal control, it should be put down.

    Yes, because a dog that relieves himself in an incorrect spot deserves to be killed.


    How many times do we have to say this: the dog’s not the problem – the dog’s caretaker is.

  16. Animal Lover

    It’s crazy that folks who don’t like dogs think the dogs should live in the wild and the owners should go to the woods with the dogs rather than domesticating the dogs. It’s crazy because the wild is actually our neighborhoods. We build houses and buildings on the animals property. It did not happen the other way. If there were no dog owners what exactly do you think would happen? Do you think dogs would just go away? No, they would multiply and live all over and poop/pee all over because there would be no control. Domesticating dogs & cats actually control their population and the behavior. What would be you recommendation then? To Kill all of the animals. Maybe the animals feel we should be done away with for imposing on their property. After all animals were on this earth first so who exactly should be gotten rid of.

    My relationship just ended because my boyfriend felt he couldn’t live with dogs when I had them before we even met. We lived together for almost a year but dated for 5 months before living together. He feels the same as the person who said pet owners should go to the woods with animals. I think some of us have it twisted. The animals technically owned the land before people. We humans just bullied the animals to take it over. It’s not really any different than the way we humans bully and kill each other when we don’t agree or want to take over what does not belong to us. Maybe we should all just let animals be animals regardless of where they live. The earth belongs to all of us so we should all try to cohabitate….

  17. Dev

    You know, what it boils down to is respect. I love love love dogs. However, I would never, ever allow my dog to go within 5 feet of someone who is a stranger. Why? Because I respect my fellow humans as well as my dog. What if the person running/walking by my dog happens to be allergic to dogs, or frightened of dogs, or even worse yet a psychotic dog hater? I can understand someone not wanting a dog taking a poop on their property, whether it be one inch or one foot of the sidewalk strip, why? Because it’s about respecting what belongs to them. My dog is not allowed to disrespect others, just like I would expect people to not to disrespect my dog. If you are walking your dog and he/she has to go, most dogs are quite willing to do it where ever you tell them it’s ok to (especially if they’ve been indoors all day!), so instead of directing my dog to the strip of grass in front of the strangers house, direct them somewhere else. I have no problem doing it and in the end, I’m protecting my baby from psychos and respecting people at the same time.

  18. Simon

    Vermin is a plural noun meaning “noxious, objectionable or disgusting animals”. Dog users who do not control their animals or do not always pick up the mess they create are introducing vermin into a neighborhood. The law is not strong enough to control these infestations, so some people are sure to have extreme reactions, sometimes turning to vigilantism.

    In response to Bev:

    Domesticated dogs were not here first: the term domesticated means humans must be present first. There are no large mammals other than dogs and cats which present widespread problems in built up areas.

    Do you really think that if everyone stopped keeping pets our cities would soon be swarming with wild cats and dogs? No, if the strange relationship we have developed with these animals was to end, they would be viewed as pests and problematic outbreaks would be moved or exterminated. They would be encountered as often as foxes or bears, or if used for food as in Asia, as often as chickens or goats.

    This is not meant to offend, just to illustrate that the availability and lack of restrictions on keeping pets is causing problems, not solving them. Too few people are capable of keeping a pet responsibly.

  19. Simon

    The above post should have said “In response to Animal Lover”

  20. Jay

    My dog is about the size of two squirrels so he doesn’t have large poo so, even if there are a few fragments that may be left behind do to stickage or what have you . . . well, now were talking maybe mouse poo?

    It’s hard for me to understand why some home owners have to be so anal about responsible pet owners who do pick up after there dogs? Do these same home owners stay awake at night worring about the squirrels, rabbits, deer . . . birds etc. that may have pooped in there yards and NOT picked it up? Do they hate all animals or are they just dog nazi’s?


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