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Tofutti Pizza


After yesterday’s post about working to avoid processed foods, I have a post on the other end of the spectrum: a post about the unhealthy, way overprocessed dinner we had last night. But I have a good excuse! I tried it so I could report back to you on how good (or bad) it was. I do it all for you, people!

I’ve heard a lot about Tofutti‘s Pizza Pizzaz and when I saw it in our local Giant, I was anxious to try it out. It’s made with Tofutti’s own Better Than Mozzarella Cheese, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because Tofutti makes one of the less-funky tasting vegan cheese on the market but bad because of the partially hydrogenated oils. It ain’t health food is what I’m trying to say.

Tastewise, again, it was good and bad. Good because it’s what I was expecting. Bad because most people don’t have fond memories of the pizza they used to serve in elementary school. This may sound like a harsh criticism, but there are times when you’re in the mood for elementary school pizza, right? OK, maybe not. Just chalk it up to a junk food craving, if you wish.

This is another one of those good “transitional foods” that will help those just becoming vegetarian. Or, like Cookie Monster says now about cookies, it’s a good “sometimes” food. But you probably don’t want to make it a daily staple.