Delicious Choices Cheesecake Recipes


I had heard earlier this year that Delicious Choices would be shutting down at the end of the year. Delicious Choices makes what’s been reported to be some of the best vegan cheesecakes in existence. I never had a chance to try one, but I’ve heard raves from a number of people about them. Well, now the recipes for all of the cheesecakes are being offered in a PDF file for $10. I plunked down my cash, took a look, and can assure you: you’ll want to check these out.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by every vegan cheesecake I’ve tried. The Chicago Diner makes a killer one and the Oreo one I bought from Red Bamboo was phenomenal. I’ve even made my own a few times and had omnis coming back for seconds, so I look forward to trying these out. Honestly, a good vegan cheesecake is every bit as good as–and actually probably better than–its lacto counterpart.

Thanks to Erik for pointing this link out on his podcast.

Cookie weekend


This weekend was Cookie Weekend around our house. We baked three batches yesterday from three different recipes.

First was a Pumpkin Oatmeal cookie recipe from Vegan With a Vengeance and as with everything else we’ve made from Isa’s book, they were awesome. The pumpkin flavor is a great twist on the standard oatmeal cookie.

Next, we made Coconut Lime cookies from Dreena Burton’s Vive La Vegan and even though we didn’t use the coconut extract that it called for (forgot to pick it up when we were at the store), they came out wonderfully. I’m a sucker for lime (get it? sucker! har!). Throw in a subtle coconut flavor and it’s all over. These are really, really tasty.

Lastly, we made this sugar cookie recipe. They came out OK, but were kind of bland. I’m going to read through the comments more thoroughly and see if anyone’s come up with better variations because this recipe was incredibly easy and would be a great go-to recipe for the holidays.

The Cookie Monster in me was satiated this weekend.

We’re back.

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It feels weird to have been away from the site for so long, but we’re back and running smoothly (I think). I had some issues with my previous web host, so I moved 11 of my domains to a new host with more space, more bandwidth, and better offerings. Unfortunately, their support squad is a bit swamped, so the actual transition of the domains took longer than I would have liked.

But, things should be back to normal. No more annoying errors when you post a comment and hopefully no more stretches of downtime.

Regular posting will resume today. podcast hijacked

In a really frustrating turn of events, Erik MarcusErik’s Diner podcast has been hijacked. I had to re-read the description of what happened a couple of times to get it, but boy is it a doozy. The idiot that did this is right down there in the same social caste as spammers.

Bottom line: if you’ve subscribed to Erik’s podcast through Itunes, the most current episode won’t be his when you download it. You can go to to get the real episode. Until Apple/Itunes straightens their directory up, you may want to unsubscribe from his feed on Itunes and sign up for Erik’s reminder e-mail list to be notified of new shows.

I best the podcast hijacker eats meat.