Banh Mi Chay


Tuesday’s lunch:

Banh Mi Chay

A wicked good banh mi chay sandwich from Eden (aka “Little Saigon”) in Falls Church, VA. Thanks to the Buddhists perfecting mock meat over thousands of years, the Vietnamese have some of the best faux meat there is. On this sandwich is some fake pork so real-tasting, my wife and brother-in-law were astounded. They couldn’t tell the difference.

We also bought (and consumed) fake lobster (so, so good) and a number of other to-go lunches from the excellent Four Sisters (Huong Que) bakery.

Banh Mi is a sandwich on french-style bread and when I visited Vietnam was what I ate when I was itching for a taste of home, even though these sandwiches have a distinctly different taste than the standard American sandwich. Usually they have pork or other meat inside, but if you see “chay” tacked on to the end, you can rest assured it’s vegetarian. Really good stuff.

4 Responses to “Banh Mi Chay”

  1. Gary

    That’s right in my back yard. A new place to eat – thanks! Looks great, too!

  2. Teysir

    that sandwish looks DELICOUS!!! lol

  3. Danielle

    Wow, that looks too real. I have to check out that Falls Church joint for sure.

  4. Michael Natkin

    Looks good! Here’s my version with just a straighforward fried tofu instead of the mock meat.

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