Hot Chocolate Time

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Last year, one of my co-workers started getting me addicted to good chocolate. As part of my training in what’s good and what’s junk, I was introduced to Dagoba’s Xocolatl hot chocolate with chiles and cinnamon. The best way to describe this drinking chocolate is, “Really good hot chocolate that leaves a nice burn in your throat.” It’s not hot going down, but a second after you swallow, the chiles kick in.

Read my (former) co-worker’s take on the same drink, which he articulates much better than I can. While you’re at it, check out the rest of his chocolate blog (not all vegan, but still…).

Also, a simple hot chocolate recipe for the less adventurous.

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  1. johanna

    I think the link to your hot chocolate recipe there doesn’t quite work? Anyway, I came back here to say that I printed out the recipe when you first posted it, & used it once & liked it. And today I am SUPER CRANKY & wanted to make some hot chocolate… & I was like, where the hell is that recipe off the Veg Blog? Found it & made it (w/half the amount of soy milk, b/c I put it all in too small of a pain by mistake) & it was delicious. And my vegetarian partner said it was better than the dairy-fied gourmet hot chocolate that he had himself.

    So, long-winded way to say THANKS FOR IMPROVING A CRAPPY DAY w/yumminess. :)

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