Tupperware FridgeSmart


Here at the Veg Blog, I get a lot of strange things to review. One time, a company sent me a bottle of grape juice (hm… I never did actually review that… after all, what do you say about grape juice? “It tastes… like good tasting grapes!”). Another interesting item that crossed my desk was the Tupperware FridgeSmart container. This line has a pretty interesting design: the bottom of the container is ridged, which helps to keep fruits and vegetables raised above the surface to prevent contact with any liquid or juices that may leak and cause premature spoilage. In addition, they have pluggable vents that let you allow a certain amount of air into the container based on the types of foods you’re trying to keep fresh.

While I haven’t done any side-by-side comparisons of, say, a cucumber in the FridgeSmart and a cucumber in the open air, it seems to do a good job at keeping vegetables fresh for what seems to be longer than their normal fridge lifespan. Good stuff, especially for those of us with a tendency to keep vegetables a little too long before using them.

Thanks to sales rep Ric Faust for sending a FridgeSmart along for me to try out.

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