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  1. Dreena

    This is SO encouraging, especially where the nutrition expert remarks “vegetarians usually have a more nutrient-rich diet”. My diet was exceptional during my pregnancies, just because you really pay attention to your intake of different foods.

    My midwife also commented to me during our ‘pregnancy nutrition’ chat that in general, her experience was that vegetarians/vegans were very knowledgeable about their nutrition and took good care of their diets during pregnancy. My pregnancies were healthy and without health issues (thankfully).

    We need more articles out there like this one!

  2. André

    Ah, that’s great news! Regarding this, just recently I found the following testimony on another source:
    Thought, it may match your interest. What you will get is the interesting story of a woman by the name Paula who after switching to a vegan diet was able to rid her body of a painful chronic female condition, endometriosis, that causes suffering and infertility for millions of women. Amazingly, she became pregnant and raised a kid, Nicholas, all on a vegan diet.

    Hope, this season will be a most inspirational time for you and your loved ones, as it is for me. I wish the all of you a very Merry Christmas and, by all means, a happy New Year!

    Yours sincerely,
    André Bessler of Bremen, Germany

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