links for 2005-11-23


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  1. Katherine

    I hadn’t heard about the Adidas/kangaroo thing. I will probably be needing new running shoes in the next couple of months… what can I do to make sure I don’t buy shoes w/ kangaroo leather? (Adidas probably wouldn’t be my first choice anyway, for fit reasons, but I have no desire to wear kangaroo shoes.)

  2. Ryan

    I’m not sure how one can tell, Katherine, though the safe bet is to always look for the magic words: “all man-made materials.” The good news is that many, many running shoes use synthetic materials instead of leather because it breathes better.

  3. Dreena

    I still haven’t tried Tofurky. I have heard so many mixed reviews that I never want to center a meal around it. Maybe one of these days…

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