Captivating Cannibalism


At some point, every vegan has complained about the inherent wrongness of an animal advertising his own death (ie. a happy pig on a bacon package). Well, Steve over at The Sneeze has created “a small salute to mascots who serve up their own.”

The captions are classic.

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  1. Kat

    Great link! The absolute worst example I’ve ever seen of this sort of thing is a current television ad for Purdue Chicken. “I have a healthy obsession with chicken!” proclaims the owner, as he walks past a little Purdue School for Chicken, where they are learning how to be meaty. And then he encourages a chicken to lift a barbell. “You’re going to have to use your wings!” he says, and the chicken-puppet looks up at him and says “Mehhhh.” It’s so perverse, so absurd. I want to projectile-vomit everytime this ad comes up.

  2. Running2Ks

    Aw, those poor little guys!

    And how about the cows who urge you to “eat mor chikn” at Chik Fil A–that isn’t so nice.

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