Last Supper


Last Supper

Falafel (I cheated and used the Fantastic Foods falafel mix) on a bed of greens and tomatoes with a curry/cumin vegan mayonaise dipping sauce.

My last dinner as a 20-something. Now that I’m Old, I’ll only be able to eat strained peas and carrots.

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  1. johanna

    Happy happy birthday!!

  2. Andr Bessler

    And from me all best wishes, too.

    Thank you for your yummy falafel recipe. With the hummus and ruccola, it tastes as delicious as it looks like.

    Greetings from Germany,

    Andr Bessler of Bremen

  3. Dreena

    Well Ryan, take it from someone that will soon turn 35 (now I’m in the next age range for surveys… no more “30-34”), go for shakes instead of strained veggies!

    Happy Birthday!! By the way, how did you like that felafel mix? I’ve seen it, but never tried it…

  4. Isa

    Happy birthday! Being old is awesome. I haven’t had FF falafel since I was a teenager, I hope you made it truly gourmet with some powdered hummus mix.

  5. Kim

    How do you make the mayo dressing?

  6. Ryan

    Thanks, everyone!

    The falafel mix was OK… a little gritty and the spices were a little off-kilter, but not too bad considering how easy it was to make them (I broiled them rather than frying them… us old folk have to watch our fat).

    Kim — the dressing was just some grapeseed oil Vegenaise mixed with a few sprinkles of ground cumin and curry until it tasted “right” (no measurements).

  7. Running2Ks

    Hey there, young one! Happy Birthday!

  8. Teysir

    i trierd the falafel before, It was GOOD!

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