Ooh-Mah-Nee Closing


Some bad news on the animal sanctuary front: Ooh-Mah-Nee is closing after ten years due to financial difficulties.

Now the animals have one less place to go. We really need to support these sanctuaries financially to make sure that they can continue doing their incredibly important work.

Thankfully, places like Woodstock are popping up to fill the void.

4 Responses to “Ooh-Mah-Nee Closing”

  1. Tonia Mainepottery

    I have just watched “Vegucated” on Netflix. It was the first I heard of this farm. I am sad to see it has closed. They carried the torch of compassion high for all to eventually see the Light of Change. Thanks for caring when we were still in the dark. To all who read this please support these farms!

  2. Mason Chen

    Just watched Vegucated too. So sad it’s closed.

  3. Kelly

    i just watched “vegucated” and ooh mah nee seemed like such a wonderful place! saddened to hear that they closed

  4. Sharon

    My mother and I just watched “Vegucated” and while googling Ooh Mah Nee in order to make a road trip when it gets warmer in NY we sadly have discovered their closing.

    Thank you “Vegucated” for educating us further. As I write this my mother is committing to stop buying meat, chicken and even fish. and have discovered that in woodstock there is farm sanctuary we are looking into visiting, volunteering and donating to.

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