I’ve gotten a few reports of people being told that the Veg Blog has the Download.Trojan virus attached to it. Has anyone here gotten that notification when visiting the site?

I may be vegan, but I hate Trojan horses.

6 Responses to “Virus?”

  1. Hanuman

    Yes, it’s happened to me twice! (I’m leaving my web address off, just in case the virus can pick these things up!!)

  2. Alex

    Nope, never had a problem – using my browser or reading RSS syndication. Perhaps it depends on the browser (i use firefox) or antivirus (i use nod32).

  3. Lisa

    Nope, no problems for me either. But I also use Firefox and work on a Mac.

  4. Heather

    Got it on one computer but not the other…using firefox on both

  5. Chui Tey

    Yes, check your server.

  6. Joaquin Ruiz

    If somebody thinks the computer is infected, scan it with


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