This is in response to the 100th Vegan Freaks blog entry, which discusses an article where Dr. Michael Greger argues that honey is vegan. I was going to post it as a comment, but it ended up being kind of long, so I’m posting here instead.

For the longest while, I always presented the “honey issue” as “not a big deal” to people when I told them what a vegan was. “Most vegans don’t even really make a big deal of it,” I told them, for the very reason that I thought it marginalized us even more. I’ll even admit to eating trace bits of honey for a few months after becoming vegan. I figured, “insects, eh… no central nervous system, it’s not a big deal to use their vomit.”

These days, I’m not so sure. Now, I avoid honey altogether, even when it means not eating my favorite whole wheat bagels. I scoot bugs out of the house rather than squash them. I’ll avoid stepping on a cricket not just because it would be messy, but because, eh, it’s just a little extra effort to avoid getting death on my shoe. I still don’t think the issue is a big deal, but the difference is that now it’s not a “big deal” to avoid honey rather than it not being a “big deal” about whether somebody does or doesn’t. Does that make any sense?

It’s one of those things that just seems to make sense. It seemed like a hassle at first, but before long it just seemed like the obvious thing to avoid honey. While I don’t break into tears if an insect hits my windshield, giving up honey’s simple… it ain’t a thing but a chicken wing. Or something.

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  1. pleather

    Wow, I had no idea it was our 100th blog entry! Hooray! It’s a good thing you’re keeping track.

    And you make a good point. It is dead easy to avoid honey, so why not? Plus to me it always had a funny aftertaste anyway.

  2. veganfreak

    You concisely and politely do great justice to this idea. Well-said. And you’re also dead-on right that avoiding honey is so easy.

    I think I’ll refer people to this in the future.

  3. Bojangles

    Geeze Louise…I just wrote a nice long post and the thing thought I was typing code when I made the frustrated little face thing…w/e, just ignore that…I was saying, I’m confused about the whole honey issue because my stepdad wants to be a beekeeper, and he thinks honey comes from plants, not bees, which I know isn’t true…My mom says that we need bees to pollenate certain plants and the reason why they want more beekeepers in NC is because the bee population is low or something. So…we need to have beekeepers…its just wrong to take honey from the bees?

  4. Danielle

    Well said. I think from now on I’ll refer to honey as bee vomit.

  5. Lee

    What I didn’t realize until I spoke with a honey merchant recently is this: most bee keeers take ALL the honey from the bees, and give them sugar-water to live on during the winter. This robs them of nutrients in the honey, and leaves them succeptible to disease, and weakens the queen, who lays fewer eggs.
    Also, the process of removing the honey combs squishes some of the bees, no matter how careful you are.
    Wee need bee keepers to pollinate our farms, but we don’t need to take all the honey…

  6. MeL

    dude im not a vegan or even close (but i always thought it would be cool to try). anyways i dont see why you even care if a beefarmer kills a bee when hes getting honey its just not important. honey’s honey eat it or not but there is nothing wrong with making, killing a bee or two, and eating honey if thats someones choice.

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