Doody Call


I’ve been meaning to post about this for weeks: Foody Call.

It’s a show on style. (I hate having a period in the middle of the sentence like that, but it is part of the network’s name) that “transforms average guys and gals into cooking Casanovas” in order to help win over a potential love. Get it… “Foody” call? It sounds like “Booty” call? It’s SO CLEVER.

The show is as stupid as the name and the premise. Making it most painful: the hosts. You have never seen a bigger pair of amped up twits in your life. Rossi Morreale is a cross between Ryan Seacrest and Ty Pennington (yes, that bad… and then some) while Michele Merkin plays the “ooh, I’m such a sexual being… a sexual, blonde, empty being…” role. The show is based on the book Cook Your Way Into Her Pants by Ted Taylor, which I haven’t read but I can only assume is also stupid.

The episode I saw drove me nuts. It featured a vegetarian woman who wanted to win back a supposedly very carnivorous man she broke up with twice. She’d been an ethical vegetarian since she was a teenager, yet she cooked a gigantic hamburger for him. Sure, she made a veggie burger for herself, but she specifically went against what she believed was right for a stupid TV show and a guy she had already broken up with two times.

To make it even worse, the guy seemed like a pretty normal, easy-going guy…. not at all the ravenous flesh-tearing beast he was made out to be. I got the impression he wouldn’t have cared in the least if he was served a vegetarian meal. This left me screaming, “Sell out!” at the screen, playing my role of Obnoxious Vegan as well as Rossi Morreale played his role of Supreme Tool of the Universe.

Needless to say: stay away from this show like your sanity depended on it. Because it does.

5 Responses to “Doody Call”

  1. Hanuman

    I’ve found that most of the shows on the Style network are equally as vapid…..

  2. veganfreak

    yet another show where vegetarians are made to repent! grr.

  3. Bojangles

    uh, the whole “cook your way into her pants” thing bothers me. I love a mate who can cook as much as anyone but the way they worded it makes me think womanizer.

  4. The Leek

    You guys sure live up to the “Obnoxious Vegan ” stereotype! It almost seems like a person’s sense of humor is directly proportional to the amount of meat they consume. Does everything have to be so serious all the time? Sure the show is a vapid waste of space, but so is the entire network, hell 99% of TV, and most certainly this blog for that matter. Lighten up, and you will find it much easier to be heard about things that matter… This is just a gag for crying out loud!

  5. Rasjoseph

    Ital is vital!
    save the animals today!
    Say no to obesity, fast food, junk food, hog, chicken, cow and goat!
    Be a vegetarian today that is the way to go.
    one universal love to you all.

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