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Because I’m lazy, here’s another IM chat transcript between Alex and me about veggie dogs at baseball stadiums:

Ryan: I dare you to ask one of the beer guys that walks around, “Excuse me, was that beer produced using isinglass? I don’t drink beer filtered through fish bladders.”

Alex: “no this won’t do. i asked for the non-fishy beer. could you please go back there and get someone to filter it properly. SO HARD TO GET GOOD PRODUCTS THESE DAYS. SHEESH”

Ryan: Sometimes I think it would be fun to be an annoying vegan. Complaining about everything. Walking into a steakhouse and complaining they don’t have seitan.

Alex: yeah. especially if they have gardenburgers. you should say “what’s a guy got to do around here to get a proper vegan boca burger.”

Ryan: “You’ll serve secretions from a cow’s teat, but not milk squished out of a soybean? You’re KIDDING, right?”

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  1. Danielle

    Yeah, I just don’t get people who think soy milk is gross but will drink hormone- and antibiotic-laden secretions from a cow. Explain it to me, somebody, explain it to me!

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