Humane insect removal


I don’t like getting into the insect discussion with non-vegans because as soon as you say that you don’t squash bugs, you immediately become one of “those people.” But when I saw Bugzooka, I had to mention it.

This wicked little device sucks bugs into a tube with a manly THWOOP noise, allowing you to humanely dispose of insects that have found their way into your house. Not only is it more humane than squashing them, it’s more fun and doesn’t require cleaning up bug guts afterwards. Bonus: no batteries required.

Incidentally, on the “why I don’t kill bugs” thing: to me, it doesn’t matter if a fly has the ability to feel pain or the desire to live or the wish to eat chocolate cake for dinner. I figure, if I don’t need to kill it or squash it, why bother? I’ll just move it outside, instead. It may not make the world a better place, but it doesn’t harm anything either. Plus, after a little while, even those bugs that always creeped you out don’t seem to bother you as much once you’ve dealt with them up close.

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  1. pleather

    That’s a great idea for a contraption! I don’t like to kill bugs either, especially after I learned the whole argument against honey. It makes me feel guilty (so I guess I’m one of “those people” too).

  2. Danielle

    I was picking up our weekly bag-o-goodies from our CSA this week when a gigantic brown spider crawled out of the bag and onto my arm. I must admit, I’m glad no one was there to see me gingerly carrying my purse, on which the little critter had attached itself, over to the grass where I spent the next five minutes talking to it and trying to release it without harm. Looks like I need one of these Bugzooka things for home AND car!

  3. consumer_q

    Awesome product idea!
    I just gingerly cup bugs or use a cup to transport bugs outside, but sometimes those spiders are too fast for me.

    I hesitantly used pheremone spider traps when I lived in Hobo Spider territory, but they were all over in the house and do not mix well with young children.

    Right now I am living in a snail area. The little slugs with shells are all over my yard. A ‘net search results in coffee grounds and garlic as possible deterrents, but I am looking for other suggestions. Any non-fatal repellents or concoctions to keep the snails out of the lawn and garden for next summer?

  4. berrykat

    i have heard that beauty bark is good at keeping snails out as they don’t like crawling over it.

  5. hayley

    hey, I just came acrossm this blog by accident and just wanted to say it’s great! I also have a blog to do with veganism, I’m not vegan yet but am heading in that direction as well as being an active animal rights activist! xx

  6. Willful Expos

    My primary reason for not smashing bugs is that it’s nasty, so this might be an especially good solution for me, plus I get to be humane.

  7. Cathi

    I must be one of “those people,” then. :) I’ve never liked killing bugs because it seemed like just pointless violence–killing a living thing because it was in your house.

    In our condo, we’ve been pretty much able to just scoop up whatever it was an usher it out on the patio (if we can before the cats get to it). But this will help for those that I’d really really rather not get close enough to touch–though don’t want to kill.

    Thanks for the link.

  8. Ryan

    Always nice to hear that there are other “those people” out there. :)

  9. Shelly

    Aha! I knew there were other ‘those people’ somewhere…besides my mother and me. :) My rule about spiders and insects is: if it’s outside, it gets to live free and unmolested. (My yard is completely organic…I have my own ecosystem!) If it’s inside, and it’s NOT a spider, it gets captuered and taken outside. If it’s inside and it’s a spider and I’m alone in the house, I’ll probably kill it unless it’s in a stationary web. I’m extremely allergic to spider bites; I don’t want to go back to the hospital. (I currently have two spiders in residence in my home, up by the ceiling of my living room. I named them George and Martha, and they do an excellent job of keeping the flies down.) My neighbor drove me nuts spraying pesticides on his plants for aphids until I convinced him to let me dump 1,500 ladybugs in his yard every spring. He thinks I’m crazy to let the bugs run rampant, but he now understands that chemicals don’t stay where you put them.

  10. Alex

    Cool advice thanks – and just to voice I am a non vegan and I have never ever squashed bugs or boxed other non-bug squashers into ‘one of those’ sterotypes. There are more of us out there than you think!

  11. Moe

    I eat meat at every opportunity, but I still don’t squash bugs (unless they pose a threat to the my family (can’t have wasps building a nest right outside the door, for example)). I’m not sure what bug squashing and veganism really have to do with each other, or why you automatically become “that guy” if you don’t squash bugs, but whatever. If there is no reason to squash a bug, why do it?

  12. ryan

    Likewise, if there’s no reason to eat an animal, why do it?


  13. Nay-Nay

    I have a group of 3 spiders on the bottom of my bathroom wall right now that I’ve temporarily named Castor, Pollux, and Sirius. (Sirius is the most visible.) I think one of my cats ate Damascus, the fourth one that was outside my bathroom. Trouble with keeping spiders in your home if they’ve set up webshop at the baseboard is that they’re nearsighted and likely cannot sense the presence of a predatory species such as a domestic cat. So I’ve decided to relocate Castor, Pollux, & Sirius outdoors. Where would be the most humane place to deposit them, giving them the best chance for survival?

  14. Elizabeth

    Somebody please help!! Like the rest of you, I cannot kill an insect – that’s not to say I’m crazy about them scampering around inside my house either….I have a problem – there is this HUGE Argiope spider (let’s just say it is a gigantic and colorful harmless spider who looks very scary)…anyway, she has set up house outside my home, under the eaves, and is in no way bothering me – although it’s difficult to watch her wrap up the poor lizards that get in her web….anyway, she had made four large egg sacks which are suspended up there under my eves waiting to hatch….the really scary thing is that I did my research on this spider and each egg sac can contain 1400 little spiderlings!!!! THERE ARE FOUR SACS!!! I would like very much to relocate these egg cases and their mother as I’m not too thrilled with the idea of all those little spiders running up into the attic and in to my house when they hatch…..i have woods behind my house and relocating the mom wouldn’t be hard – i just don’t want to give the egg sacs the death sentence by disturbing them….what do i do??? there are no humane insect control companies in my area…

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