Birthday Wishes for Donald Watson


A comment was posted on an old entry that I thought I’d repost here to give it a little more attention (with some slight changes):

Donald Watson celebrates his 95th Birthday this year. Donald was born on 2nd September 1910. Please send birthday wishes and thanks for the inspiration to make the world a better place.

Cards and wishes should be posted to arrive no later than 29th August 2005.

Addressed to:

FAO Donald Watson – Founder
(Birthday Wishes)
C/O The Vegan Society
7 Battle Road
St Leonards On Sea
East Sussex
TN37 7AA

Fax Number +44 (0) 1424 717064

If you have a photograph of your vegan group or a vegan event (from last year’s World Vegan Day?) Donald would be very pleased to see these.

You can email photos and wishes suitable for printing to [email protected] with “Donald Watson Wishes” in Subject Line

No animated cards please.

More about Donald Watson & Interview with Donald Watson at

Donald Watson is the man who coined the term “vegan” and formed The Vegan Society in 1944. He hasn’t eaten meat or fish since 1924.

That’s the man right there.

3 Responses to “Birthday Wishes for Donald Watson”

  1. lisa

    i love animals, i hate cruelty and the way people eat, they have not thought were the food has come from, its already prepared, no blood,no feathers no fur. milk is in big demand. cheese etc. i wont drink cows milk, i hate animals suffering for human food.

  2. Nina

    I agree with Lisa. I am 14 and vegan. I have been veggie for most of my life. I think it is wrong and unnatural to eat meat and i am sorry to hear about Donald Watsons recent death. No animal deserves to die for our tastebuds. No animal deserves to die…

    ps Donald Watson outlived Robert Atkins.

  3. tony

    Donald Watson 1910- 2005

    May he rest in peace and may all his dreams come true.

    Obituaries at

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