Lamest salad ever


I’m a diner freak even though there’s pretty much nothing for a vegan to have outside of a garden salad and grits. Generally, I go for the history and architecture. This past weekend, I went to a diner and had the standard “we can’t be bothered with you vegetarians meal” of spaghetti with marinara and a side garden salad. The salad was by far the lamest salad ever. It had:

  • Standard iceberg lettuce
  • A single slice of cucumber
  • Four tiny chunks of pepper

And that was it. What kind of poor excuse for a salad is that?

5 Responses to “Lamest salad ever”

  1. pleather

    Not even a rock-hard, tasteless slice of tomato? That is sad.

    I’ve always like diners too but haven’t really been to one since becoming vegan. Maybe we all need to make a pilgramage to the Chicago Diner.

  2. db3695

    I’ve got that beat! I went to a bar/restaurant in Upstate NY and the ONLY thing I could order was a “garden salad” It came with dressing that smelled bad and consisted of a chunk of iceberg lettuce (not even broken up) and 1 slice of very pale orange tomato. And when I finished it the bowl looked dirty.

    So needless to say I am never eating there again!!!


  3. Mel

    Well try a main meal which consisted only of two thinly sliced pieces of brie cheese…I just got this on my last holiday when I said I was vegetarian. I even have a photo to prove it! :)

  4. Lianne

    Aww…usually you get the white tomato that tastes and feels like they scraped it off the bottom of the table! You got ripped off.

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