The oddest of treats


I’ve always been a popcorn junkie. I freakin’ love it. I’ll watch a movie, just so I can eat popcorn while I do it.

My popcorn of choice is hot air popcorn, popped in a $10 popper I got a few years ago and have used more times than I can count. When I was still eating dairy, I would use I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (you can’t believe it because it pretty much is) Spray. It was perfect for popcorn because it would evenly spread the buttery flavor before sprinkling on sea salt. Unfortunately, after I went vegan, I was left without a good spray for my popcorn. GFA Brands makes a couple of Smart Balance sprays, but they have dairy in them. I wrote to GFA to encourage them to make an Earth Balance spray and they wrote back to tell me there were no plans for such an item. Bummer.

So, over the last year I’ve gotten used to drizzling olive oil on my popcorn, then sprinkling it with sea salt and nutritional yeast. I’ve grown to love it and even though friends look at me strange, they’ve generally liked it, too.

But a month or so ago I’ve found my new obsession: olive oil infused with essence of blood oranges. Blood oranges!

Now, after I pop my gigantic bowl of popcorn, I’ll drizzle just a little of this orange olive oil on and mix it around the entire bowl as much as I can. Then, I resume with regular olive oil, nutritional yeast, and sea salt. The result is that the whole bowl of popcorn smells a little orange-y. While it may sound gross, I love it. And until GFA starts making Earth Balance spray, this will be my go-to choice.

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  1. Eric

    Why don’t you find one of those compressed air olive oil sprayers and use that one? then you’d have the best of both worlds, the spray coverage AND the olive oil. Try here and here… We’ve had one in our place for some time now and it really does work…

  2. Ryan

    I actually have one of those, but the darn thing got clogged by the third time I used it, so I don’t use it as much any more.

  3. veganfreak

    popcorn addicts REPRESENT.

    Seriously, I’m addicted to popcorn with nutritional yeast. I used to use an olive oil spraypump too, but it got clogged like Ryan’s. I’m in the market for a new one these days, hopefully one that has overcome the Misto’s real drawbacks.

    this orange oil is intriguing!

  4. Johanna


    I love popcorn w/lots of soy sauce & nutritional yeast, myself. Mmmmmm… that may have to be on the agenda for this weekend.

  5. Meredith

    As a long-time ovo-lacto, I just want to say I LOVE THAT SPRAY. (The Can’t Believe one, that is.)

    But I have to ask: did the recommended serving size (five sprays) ever seem like enough to you? I usually need way more than that for just a bowl of pasta!

  6. Willful Exposť

    That sounds like a great idea–thanks! I”m going to go vegan in a week, so I”m really looking forward to reading this blog for ideas and tips. Thanks for writing!

  7. Dawn

    I too, am a popcorn addict. So much so that whenever someone talks about popcorn or if I smell it, I have to have it. So great, now I have to have popcorn!

    So from one addict to another, you have to try Spectrum’s Canola Oil Spray with Butter Flavor. It is totally vegan and it tastes like butter! I love it on almost anything, but I swear it was made for air-popped popcorn with nutritional yeast and sea salt on top. They sell it at Whole Foods and Wild Oats, and probably lots of other places.

  8. Ryan

    Hmm… sounds really good, but according to their site, one of the ingredients is “natural butter flavor,” which would seem to indicated a dairy-based ingredient. I’ve sent them an e-mail, though, so we’ll see what the official word is…

  9. Dawn

    Hi Ryan,

    Yes. I have a bottle at my house and next to butter flavor in parantheses it says “vegetarian, non-dairy source.”

    Hope that helps.

  10. Dawn

    Oh, and it also says “vegan” on the back of the bottle, so yes, I’m 100% sure. You should get yourself some!

  11. Ryan

    Excellent! Wonder why they wouldn’t advertise that on their site.

    I’ll definitely be checking for this.

  12. Clyde

    Seriously, how do you “drizzle” olive oil? May sound like a dumb question, but this enquiring mind wants to know. I like all these suggestions btw. Love t hat air popper.


  13. Ryan

    I have two techniques.

    1. There’s one brand I bought recently that comes with a neat little cork with a spout attached. Great for drizzling. I’ve refilled that bottle with olive oil from other bottles just to have the drizzling functionality.

    2. The not so fancy way: pour the olive oil into the cap of the container and drizzle that onto the popcorn. Using the cap helps keep you from accidentally dumping a load of oil onto your popcorn at once.

  14. Clyde

    Yeah, I’ve tried that bottle cap method but I ususally end up with a big glob in one spot. I wish there was some kind of a thingy that would diffuse the oil around. The little pump looks promising but not if it gets clogged up.

  15. Nicki

    Try olive oil infused with fresh rosemary. :-)

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