How punk am I?


I’ve plugged Isa’s upcoming Vegan With a Vengeance cookbook here a few times before, but expect the plugging to be even more pronounced in the coming months.

Why? Well, Isa kindly asked yours truly to pen the foreword. And so I did.

While I always hoped that I’d have a book published by the time I was 30, I’m perfectly happy having a foreword in someone else’s super crazy awesome book a month after I turn 30.

More fun announcements to come. But now, go pre-order!

6 Responses to “How punk am I?”

  1. vegenaise

    cool, man, that’s great news! Isa actually wrote the foreword to our book (due out officially it the near future) and it was pretty funny.

    I’ll look forward to your foreword (har!).

    and of course you’re punk enough….

  2. Isa

    This is so incestuous. I guess now veganfreak will have to write Ryan’s foreword.

  3. veganfreak

    ah, we’re just vegans tryin’ to get by. There aren’t *that* many of us, so it is inevitable that we’d be a little incestuous.

  4. Heidi

    ooh, thanks for the reminder -i’ll go do my pre-order right now. Can’t wait to see it. -h

  5. hooten

    speaking of incest, i heard ryan was his own dad.

    which isn’t easy to do, but it does appear to be vegan. so….good job(?) ryan.

    ryan, i always forget how to spell your last name. i’m sure glad isa doesn’t write for herbivore. : )

  6. sadjiofasd

    i only have one question.

    was it printed on recycled paper?????????????

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