The Veg Blog Confessional


If I tell you something really embarassing will you promise to keep it to yourself?

You know that book How It All Vegan? I’ve known about that book since it came out in 2003, but I didn’t understand the wordplay in the title until last month.

Man, am I dense.

That’s what happens when you worry so much about pronouncing the word “vegan” properly: you become totally oblivious to clever wordplay possibilities.

8 Responses to “The Veg Blog Confessional”

  1. Ryan G

    I know the feeling! My brother’s gf pointed this out to to me a couple of years ago, years after I had bought the book! Nice to know I was not alone…

  2. BB

    This isn’t veg-related, but I had a very similar experience recently: I’ve driven by an optometrist’s shop on major thoroughfare (our TUNNEL road) for years, nearly a decade. The place is called Tunnel Vision, and it has this striking, psychedelic sign, but it has always registered in my mind as the prosaic Tunnel Vision , named after the road it’s on. I had occasion to call there the other day, and the receptionist answered with the inflection of the phrase, “tunnel vision”. TShe was totally unable to appreciate my eureka moment (“oh, i finally get it!”).

  3. Ryan G

    By the way, keep posting those links on – every link helps spread the vegan meme eh ;-) I just clued in a couple of weeks ago:

  4. Isa

    Ha ha! What a loser! (Just Ryan, not everyone else)

  5. Meredith

    Aroooo! Har har har! :D

  6. vegenaise

    yeah, I too feel like an idiot for exactly the same thing. And last month was when I first got it too. I was on the phone with someone and they mentioned the book title, and it was as though a ray of light opened in the sky. It all clicked, and I finally understood.

    So you’re not alone.

  7. veganfrog

    Don’t worry Ryan, only now do I understand the title after reading your posting. :( Doh! By the way, Sarah Kramer has a new book coming out La Dolce Vegan!

  8. Sarah

    Don’t feel bad you guys… it happens more then you would think. :)

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