Crashes, cooking, and cleaning


Sorry for the quiet around here lately… I’ve had problems with MT and my web host (others have as well), and unfortunately, the problem for me hasn’t been fixed yet. In addition, the c: drive on my home PC has crashed, which has made meeting deadlines on certain articles difficult. However, lots of cool stuff is happening.

With that aside, I wanted to add on a bit to my post from Friday about my wife’s family’s visit last week. In addition to trying a bunch of great new recipes (by the way, I posted the Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie recipe), I worked with my mother-in-law on writing down the recipes for vegetarian pho and not-fish fish sauce. I’ll be posting those this week, as they are two of the most frequently requested recipes I’m asked for in e-mail.

Lastly, is there anyone in the DC/VA/MD metro area that might be interested in doing a little volunteer farm work? Let me know.

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  1. vegenaise

    whoa, good luck with MT and such. I used to be a die-hard MT user, then I went to WordPress, and now I use Textpattern and it rocks. Very little documentation, but very flexible and a solid platform, I’ve found.

    Anyway, please do post those recipes. A vegan fish sauce would be amazing.

  2. easypeasy

    In the recipe for the tofu filet, don’t you mean ‘cornmeal’ (which is normally used to fry fish) instead of ‘polenta;?

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