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My in-laws have been in town for the last week and we’ve been doing lots of cooking and baking, almost entirely with new recipes.

Last weekend was the real kitchen marathon where we made a tofu “filet”, chocolate chip cookies, Indian-spiced Quinoa with Raisins and Pinenuts from the Compassionate Cooks site, a strawberry-rhubarb pie, and our go-to picnic dish, a cold spaghetti salad. This weekend I’ll be adapting a recipe for Fennel Slaw from Gourmet magazine.

The tofu filet was surprisingly easy and quick. The topping was really tasty and fried up fast. This would have been even better if we had marinated the tofu in a fish-like broth for a day or so (maybe one with seaweed?). One note: we had a lot of the dry mix left over. You can probably half that portion of the recipe and still have plenty to cover your tofu.

The cookies came out wonderfully and I ate way too many of them the first day after making them. I brought a batch of these to a fourth of July block party and half-considered labeling them “VEGAN COOKIES!” just so that no one would eat them and I could have them to myself. But I didn’t, and everyone ate them without exclaiming, “Wait! I don’t taste eggs in these cookies!” They even impressed my hard-to-impress sister-in-law, who I schooled on the many ways to bake without eggs.

The Indian-spiced quinoa was simply awesome. A lot of times, recipes I find on the web don’t have enough spice in them and are left tasting kind of bland, but here the balance was perfect. None of my in-laws had ever even heard of quinoa, but they dug this dish.

The pie recipe came courtesy of Terry from Poplar Spring. She had mentioned this recipe a few weeks ago when I was at the farm and I decided to give it a shot since I don’t ever recall having eaten rhubarb before. The pie was deliciously sweet thanks to the fruit’s natural juices and a brown sugar topping. The only weak point was the crust, which was store-bought.

I’ll let you know how the fennel slaw turns out. I was surprised by the fact that it called for anise and fennel, which I had always thought were pretty much identical. The Post Punk Kitchen taught me to never think for myself on food matters.

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  1. girl least likely to

    your pitch for the cookies prompted me to attempt cookie-baking for the first time in probably over 15 years today. nicely played!

    not only that, but they actually turned out!! thanks for the recipe (and the gushing about the recipe). i may branch out of my comfy niche of bars and brownies yet. ;)

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