Update on Oops I Pooped bags


Just before writing my previous Oops I Pooped entry, I had ordered a couple boxes of the environmentally-friendly doggie poop bags. They arrived late last week (to my house, because I can’t be receiving poop-related items at work, you know), so we’ve gotten a chance to give them a try a few times over the weekend.

The report: they’re well worth the money. As promised, their dark color hides the contents of the bag. For all anyone knows, I’m carrying a small lunch treat with me as I walk the dog. Also as promised, they help keep the smell in. When sealed tightly and tied off, there is almost no odor, even within a few inches of the bag. I was a bit scared to confirm this, but I’m glad I did.

It may be tough to justify in your mind spending money on bags when you probably get plenty from grocery shopping, but trust me: there’s a world of difference. So recycle those plastic bags and pick up some Oops I Pooped for your favorite four-legged friend.

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  1. Jennifer Shmoo

    Hey, these sound like they would be good for diaper disposal, too. Dogs aren’t the only ones pooping at inopportune moments!

  2. Jaqueline Devereaux

    I agree! I ordered some in bulk from http://www.organicuniverse.com and will be using them from now on for stuff for BOTH my dogs and cats. Actually, they seemed to have had the best deal on products for all of my pets. I have 3 rotti’s, one shepard mix and 5 mixed breed cats that found their way to my home. I live at a dead end and it is amazing how many people dump their pets here when they no longer want them. I can’t encourage people enough to have their pets spayed or neutered. Unless you can afford to pay for every single offspring, it is the only right thing to do. I still try to do what I can with strays as far as finding homes, but everyone has to work together.

  3. Jaqueline Devereaux

    Hi, everyone! I just wanted to post a quick update about the Oops baggies, which apparently, the mfg is out of business. I had been buying them by the case from organicuniverse.com and was informed that they now carry an even better product out there by Biobag, which happens to be certified biodegradable. I didn’t even know that there was a certification for that..lol. Seriously, though, I am really happy that the requirements are getting more strict. Now my cats can have eco-friendly litter boxes because they carry the cat pan liners too. Organicuniverse.com has a bunch of stuff from Biobag like the tall kitchen bags, kitchen compost containers, lawn bags, and the garden film. I found their pricing to be very reasonable and they offer free shipping for some products. I bought one of the kitchen compost units and it makes the world of difference because I don’t have a smelly pile of rotting food scraps in my breezeway. Anyway..I just wanted to let everyone know about the bags. I belong to a local canine social group that is community based and we all use the biobag doggie pick up bags. These groups are really great because it not only gives you a chance to get out but enables your dogs to play with other like-minded folks. I would highly recommend that any new pet owner looks into them because they have been really helpful with finding great things for all of my pets.

  4. Michelle

    Has anybody tried the Dogipot Litter bags?
    It seems that they are cheaper and are actually made of organic material including carbon and water so they break down.
    I was going to order some but wanted to see if anybody had any thoughts.

  5. piss

    November 3, 2015 at 11:15 am

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