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New Veg Blog reader Lindsey sent along a suggestion to check out, a collaborative restaurant guide that covers vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. I remember seeing VegGuide a while back when it was first getting started and being turned off by the interface. It was clunky and difficult to get around, which only hurts the final product no matter how good the content is. However, I’m glad to see they’ve redesigned and the changes are for the better. It’s well-worth checking out, as they have a good number of entries and it’s a much more pleasant experience that before.

Also worth noting is Lindsey’s own Veg Log, a vegan-themed blog she started as part of a class project. She’s examined a lot of the important issues one faces when becoming vegan and has a nice, comfortable writing style. I’m happy to see the proliferation of vegetarian-themed blogs in the last several years, because when I started doing this almost five years ago, there were no other blogs covering vegetarian topics (not that I found, at least).

2 Responses to “Veg Guide and Veg Log”

  1. Lindsey

    I’m glad to hear that you have seen improvements at Veg Guide and hope that other people might find it useful!

  2. rae

    i’ll have to check out the site again. i also went there in the beginning but got frustrated and never went back. by the way, don’t know if you know about but it’s an awesome vegan/vegetarian resouce. check out the “veg beginners” link moderated by bryanna grogan. she’s awesome. and come by my blog at for some recipes.

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