Top of the Food Chain, Ma!


The folks over at VeganFreaks take on Newsweek and their coverage of the battle over foie gras.

Animal cruelty is reduced to a “huge misunderstanding,” making animal rights activists look like sub-intellectual fools. And of course, the authors couldn’t resist mentioning our “struggle to the top of the food chain” (another anti-vegan/AR quip that I hear pretty often). Let’s chuck the authors in a cage with some hungry lions, and then we can talk about million year struggles to the “top” of the food chain….

This is one of the arguments from non-vegetarians that really gets me… the whole “top of the food chain” or “if we don’t eat them, they’d eat us” argument. My first question for them is: what animals do you eat?

Chicken. Ah, an herbivore.

Cow. Another herbivore.

Pig. Omnivore, but the ones you’re eating certainly aren’t out there eating snakes and worms.

Duck, deer, sheep, etc… all of the meat we eat comes from animals that are primarily plant-eating animals (though there are some exceptions). When was the last time you saw someone snacking on a tiger leg or lion foot?

The way I see it is that the reason we eat the calm, gentle animals that generally don’t eat other animals is because they’re the only ones we can physically dominate and force into factory farm situations. How quickly most of us would become vegetarian if we had a choice between attacking a bear and eating a potato.

So, yeah… “top of the food chain” my arse. (For further commentary on the “food chain” argument, see comment #16 on this post.)

Breaking the silence

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Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here. Last week my wife and I headed up to New York City for a week’s vacation. While some people may not think of New York as a the most relaxing place to spend one’s vacation days, the quality and variety of food there just can’t be beat. Over the coming week or so, I’ll be writing up some brief reviews of the places we ate at. I hoped to do it while we were actually in New York, but our net connection was really spotty.

In the meantime, though, here’s a shot of me with Isa from The Post Punk Kitchen and Eric from Satya. Rock on. (Read more about our lunch in Isa’s LiveJournal entry.)