Restaurant Review: Home On 8th


Here’s the next in the series of very-late restaurant reviews from our trip to New York last month. I’m determined to get them all done before we go there again.

After we got our free tickets for the Upright Citizens Brigade show, we stopped by Home on 8th to grab a couple of appetizers for a snack before the show. The restaurant serves up standard Asian fare in a nice atmosphere, but also pimps a hefty vegetarian offering. The mock crispy chicken drumsticks caught Huyen’s eye, so we ordered one of them as well as a citrus beef skewer along with some green tea. They were short on wait staff (one waiter for the whole place) and, unfortunately, it showed. Our green teas seemed to be sweetened with honey, even though we specifically asked for no honey, which made them barely drinkable (have I mentioned recently that putting sweetener in your green tea is heresy?). Then, we were told that they had just run out of the drumsticks. Indeed, we saw another table get served the very last ones. So, we opted for some super-tiny spring rolls in addition to our beef skewer.

The skewer’s seasonings and seitan texture was just right while the spring rolls were fine, but unremarkable. The portions were small, but appropriate for appetizers.

For a quick stop in, we were pleased enough, though we’d really like to try that crispy chicken sometime…

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