Misunderstood Carob


Poor carob. It’s so misunderstood.

Often viewed as “fake chocolate” and looked at with scorn because it doesn’t taste like chocolate, carob is one of those foods that lives in the shadows, but really deserves to be considered on its own.

I’ve always liked carob. Even as a kid, when my mom would take me to the local health food store and let me buy a treat, I’d often pick a carob bar. Today, the taste of carob takes me back to my childhood, but I also enjoy it for its own taste pleasures. Baked goods with carob tend to be a little drier than their chocolate counterparts, but offer a unique bite that makes their flavor quite distinct.

One of the items that’s reminded me recently how much I like carob is Frankly Natural’s Vegan Decadence Double Carob Cookie. They look much more appealing than the picture and have a wonderful balance of carob and “other stuff,” so that no one taste is too overwhelming. Sure, not everyone can appreciate carob, but those that do will definitely want to hunt this one down in their local co-op.

To find out some more about carob, I point you to the mighty Wikipedia.

7 Responses to “Misunderstood Carob”

  1. Billy

    Not to mention carob is naturally caffeine-free and is much better for you than chocolate. Those cookies by Frankly Natural look delicious!

  2. bea

    Where does carob origiante? Like, are there any traditional recipes with carob or is it just a healthfood store thing?

  3. Raj

    yeah my mom made all our treats with carob growing up… i never even tasted chocolate until much later in life.

  4. Daniel

    In its season, when ripe, I very much like raw carob. Today I picked few green ones- not ripe yet and wonder what sort of recipe would follow to get the benifit.

    Any tip appreciated


  5. Liz

    I grew up on carob because I was deathly allergic to chocolate as a child (hospitalized when I was two for eating M&Ms!!). I still love it today, but I have a hard time finding it. My local natural grocer carries a few carob ingredients, but not the variety available at the natural food stores in my hometown. Plus, it’s insanely expensive, and requires that I do all my own baking… it’s only available in chips or powder, and maybe one or two snack items to choose from. Is there an Internet source for *affordable* carob items that can be mail ordered?

  6. Ryan

    Vegan Essentials has a bunch of carob products. You might also ask your local health food store to special order you some.

  7. Jonny Green

    Carob pods seeds can be processed to produce locust bean gum (ceratonia or carob bean gum).
    This is a natural product used as a gelling agent, stabilizer or emulsifier in ice-cream, dessert fruit filling and salads. Hope that helps !


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