Dream Job for Vegan Nerds


Are you vegan? Are you a programmer? Would you like to live in a vegan community Hawaii? Would you like to be paid well?

This may be the job for you.

This is the first time I can recall seeing a non-AR-specific job offered where you must be vegan to apply because you’d be joining a “vegan community.” Very cool. If I didn’t have family in the local area, I would seriously consider trying to talk Huyen into moving for this. I suspect it wouldn’t be difficult.


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  1. Hanuman

    Call me cynical and jaded, but, this seems to good to be true.

    $70K/year just to answer phones and do office work?

    They will fly you to Hawaii at their expense for the interview?

    You should be “willing” to work “at least” 15 hours a week?!!!

    The only catch being, that you have to be Vegan?

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is….

  2. Ryan

    It’s an hourly-paid job, so the 15 hours wouldn’t get you all that much money…

    I, too, was surprised at the pay for the office work, though the programming seemed on point.

  3. Denise

    I had a conversation about this with an omni friend, and he pointed out to me that meat-eating Americans may see this as discrimination. Can you refuse to hire someone because they are not vegan, even if it’s because it’s a vegan community? I wonder how job ads like this make the general public feel about vegans and vegetarians. Would the average meat-eater think we’re just snobs who think we’re better than everyone else? Would they think it’s unfair, since what you eat doesn’t really affect how well you do your job?

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to live in a vegan sanctuary. It just made me wonder.

  4. Stefan


    I’m the one who placed the advertisement, and thanks to vegblog.org there’s been a little surge in applications.

    I can confirm that it is a real ad. And, as Ryan said, if you only work 15 hours… then you’ll be paid for 15 hours’ work. If you work 80, you’ll be paid for 80.

    The upper pay scale is for someone that I can leave completely in charge while I have my first day or two off in two years, without constantly having to worry whether they have deleted the web site or corrupted the database.

    Any questions, feel free to ask!


  5. Billy

    I found the link to the job advertisement here on Vegblog.org and applied yesterday. Thanks for posting the link Ryan. The job looks very interesting and I’m crossing my fingers.

    Thanks for the follow up post Stefan.

  6. Raj McVay

    thanks for posting the link! i’ve talked to Stefan and i should be taking a trip out there to look at the project. :)

  7. E

    Hi, this “job” seems like a dream come true. What’s the catch, and how do you get mor einformation about the job? Thank you

  8. Eddie

    Is there any more room at your community for vegans. Todays date is 6-24-06
    From an animal rescuer, body worker and light worker.

    Thanks Eddie

  9. Pete

    in india people deny housing unless you are vegetarian, so why not do the same with jobs here? :)

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