I Like Ginger Better Than Mary Ann


Today is a very ginger day, as I had Liz Lovely‘s Ginger Snapdragon cookies (the ginger is intense and the cookies are soft and chewy… great stuff) and Golden Moon’s delicious White Ginger tea (very sublime and mellow, one of those drinks even people who don’t link ginger would like). So, in honor of the unofficial “ginger day” at my desk, a few ginger links:

2 Responses to “I Like Ginger Better Than Mary Ann”

  1. Vegan Momma

    I love ginger. Ginger has numerous benefits. I juice with it daily.

  2. Lulu

    Aww, but not raw.

    Ginger is a gift from the gods. I love to juice with it. There are also some excellent raw ginger cookie recipes, for us raw foodies.

    Thanks for all the good stuff! :)

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