PETA and Petco reach a deal


You’ve probably seen a lot of anti-Petco material courtesy of PETA, who was pushing Petco to make some signficant changes in how they do business. Thankfully, the two have reached an agreement and the winners are the animals. (In case you wonder about the good, positive work that PETA does that doesn’t usually get recognition in the press, this is a great example.)

The major change is that Petco will no longer sell large birds, a smart move because people buying their large birds from Petco probably don’t really know what they’re getting themselves into. Besides, should large birds really be family pets?

Smaller, but still significant, changes include separating rats and mice by gender, to avoid breeding.

My wife and I are looking to adopt a dog in the coming months and because of that, I’ve been thinking more and more about companion animals and how we look at them. A lot of my views have changed… for instance, several years ago I would have thought it was just fine to buy a purebred dog from a breeder. Today, though, I look at all the animals that wind up in shelters or rescues and can’t think of any reason that I’d go to a breeder (or, *shudder*, a mall pet store) when looking to adopt. I think there are just too many great animals that need homes for breeders or puppy mills to be adding to the pet population.

Something else I’ve noticed: small, independent pet stores are getting as hard to find as independent book stores. There just aren’t many around and I fear that I won’t have any choice but to visit the local Petco when we adopt our dog. But, that’s another post I’ve been saving up…

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  1. johanna

    why buy a pet from a store @ all? there are lots of shelters out there, & even rescue organizations (for people who want purebreds). :) (& do independent pet stores not use puppy mills? i hadn’t heard that–actually i haven’t even considered that before, so i have no idea…)

  2. johanna

    & oh yeah, check out petfinder if you want to take a look @ animals available in shelters near you… although beware, you might find yourself in possession of a dog sooner than you anticipated if you take a look there… ;)

  3. Ryan

    Johanna — When I was mentioning independent pet stores, I was talking more about shopping for supplies (dog toys, dog beds, fun stuff like that), not for actual pets.

    Petfinder is awesome… we’ve become intimately familiar with it over the last few weeks. :)

  4. Dirk

    Please don’t forget to look at the local humane society too. We share our house with both a dog and cat from the local society, and couldn’t be happier.

  5. Ryan

    Right on, Dirk. When I said “shelters,” that certainly includes local humane societies.

  6. aardvarknav

    My neighbors have gotten three wonderful dogs from rescue societies that take in dogs from owners who are infatuated by specific breeds and learn they can’t handle them for a variety of reasons.

    Another group that I admire are those that train guide dogs for the blind or aide dogs for the disabled.

  7. Shananigans

    Check out
    If you’re interested in rescue orgs and other related issues it’s worth it to register on the site for the discussion forum and other features. Some of the heated debates will really make you think!

  8. webabuse

    I have a Petco bone to pick.
    I just bought some catfood online via their website and then clicked on the nice friendly Petco button that said click here to receive a $10.00 discount on your next Petco purchase.

    My click, it turned out, meant I had agreed to join an outside company which would automatically charge the credit card number I gave Petco $9.00 a month for discounts from Petco and others. The $9.00 charge notice was way down the page of a long document.

    Has anyone else been tricked by sites they would normally trust. Seems like a pretty aggressive approach. I have a grown son who is a bit slow…and I always ask if this or that would have fooled him. I am sure this would fool him and countless others.

    Seems insane for them to jeopardize a good customer relationship for a quick buck. And unethical for them to sell my card number…for they would certainly have been paid if I had not called the 800 number to cancel.

    It may be a sign of an unhealthy corporate climate at Petco

  9. Steve

    who cares, buy from pet stores, peta is driving their opinion into your heads. PET STORES ARENT THAT BAD! jeez you people really need to stop thinking like this. plus vegan is unhealthy anyway

  10. Ryan

    I like posts like Steve’s because they remind me that people actually still think like that.

  11. susan

    PETA…step aside and check your temperature. There is nothing wrong with breeding dogs, provided it’s done in a responsible manner that ensures negative genetic issues are suppressed and the breeder assumes personal responsibility for every puppy they bring into the world. In other words, if one of my puppy buyers returns their dog 5 years later, it is my responsibility to raise that pup to the end of its natural life, so it doesn’t become the product of the Humane Society. Peta…I believe what you may want to consider is that not all breeders are ‘backyard breeders’ and ‘puppy mills’, therefore not ALL BREEDING is bad. Jeez…talk about blanket generalizations!

  12. randi

    i know i am responding to a very old comment but i just have to.

    SUSAN – You would think ALL breeding is bad too if you had to hold in your arms healthy dogs and cats and kill them because people preferred to buy from a pet store or a fucking breeder. i do this every day.

    i dont care if you are reputable or not. bringing dogs and cats into a world while perfect loving animals are being killed is irresponsible and selfish. please spend a day in a shelter and watch the staff kill wonderful dogs.
    go and look at the barrels of dead animals in their freezer who are there because of people like you.

  13. bazu

    I’m also responding to a really old post, but I have to concur with Randi. There is no need for breeding! If there weren’t thousands of dogs in shelters desperate for adoption that would be one thing, but I think any responsible dog lover would see the situation as absurd- breeding dogs on the one hand, that people pay 1000’s of dollars for, and euthanizing healthy dogs in shelters, which people could have for free. It boggles the mind.


    imo peta sucks they have donated money to elf and alf, there Daphna Nachminovitch, PETA’s vice president for Cruelty Investigations, in an interview with the LA Times´ “LA Unleashed. says
    PETA feels that Guide Dog facilities should rescue dogs from animal shelters over breeding dogs because breeding contributes to the over population of animals. Guide Dogs are bred because specific traits are necessary for guide work. Guide Dog facilities do not rescue dogs from animal shelters because the history of the majority of dogs in animal shelters is not known.

    Nachminovitch´s objections go beyond PETA´s distaste for breeding programs. “They are kept in harnesses almost 24/7, people are prohibited from petting or playing with them and they cannot romp and run and interact with other dogs.” PETA also claims that schools force blind people to return their retired dogs.

    Nachminovitch doubts the fitness of most blind people to care for their animals, “A deaf person can see if a dog has a medical issue such as blood in her urine, a blind person living alone cannot.”
    bull shit most blind peaple have some vision PETA´s solution would return blind people to lives of dependence; “The human community should do more to support blind people, and give dogs a break
    frankly as a leagly blind person i can and knowing many other blind peaple with guide dogs i can state imo ms nachmiowitch is full of shit while some schools will find a new loving home for retired dogs if the partner cant keep the dog there is only one school that had dogs returned and they quit doing 10 years bacl

  15. Susan

    therefore ALL BREEDING is bad. Jeez, is Blanket generalizations can be used when all breeders have something in common: Breeding dogs when there is already a population problem People would be forced to adopt dogs from shelters if breeders didn’t cover the classifieds with their posts of pure breeds for sale.

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