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Chocosoy Sure “milk chocolate” is generally snubbed by those uppity chocolate aficionados, but most of us occasionally get a hankering for the taste we grew up with in unhealthy candy bars. Unfortunately, for those of us that don’t consume dairy, there aren’t many options. You’ll never find a Snickers or Hershey’s bar without milk and as much as it pains me, they don’t yet make a non-dairy Krackel bar. But if you’re looking for a straightforward, simple alternative, Chocosoy is worth checking out. Essentially, it’s milk chocolate but the milk is… wait for it… wait… wait… soy milk! Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Chocosoy has a nice flavor. At first taste it’s a bit dry, but once you let it melt in your mouth a bit, the creaminess comes through and has a nice sweetness to it. It’s texture is pleasant and there’s no lingering aftertaste, which you might expect with soy. My chocolate dope dealer Viren said that “the soy flavor was very evident throughout the whole experience,” which I didn’t notice. Perhaps it’s because I’ve become so accustomed to soy in different forms, that I don’t even notice the “beaniness” that I used to in certain products. Whatever the case, there is a slightly unique taste element in the Chocosoy, but I enjoyed the difference.

My wife tried it and really enjoyed it, right from the first bite. Interestingly, she said it was almost “too chocolatey,” which is exactly the opposite of what Viren said. It’s strange how you can get two very different opinions about the same product.

Chocosoy only comes in one variety right now, a solid chocolate ball (or a solid chocolate Reese’s cup-looking shape), but I suspect more products are on the way. I look forward to seeing what else they come up with. Perhaps they’ll offer the world’s first malted soy milk ball.

What’s interesting is that much of their site dedicates time to talking about the sustainable paper used for the packaging, and very little about the source of the chocolate. Word is that it is produced in Brazil under fair trade guidelines but has not yet been officially certified as such. Meanwhile, the sugar used for sweetening is organic and non-refined.

Back briefly to the packaging: each set of five pieces comes in a cute little paper box fastened with a tie from the Brazillian buriti palm tree. The buriti palm “is an elegant tree whose trunk can reach up to 35 meters (110 feet) in height! The buriti grows in areas where water is abundant, and its natural habitat is along the water margins and marshes, where the soil is soft.” A nice touch.

I’m glad to see a product like Chocosoy on the market. They’re tasty and the perfect size for simple snacking while not terribly heavy (50 calories per). I’ve worked my way through a number of packages already and passed a few onto friends and family to solicit their opinions.

An 8-pack (40 pieces total) costs $20 and a 16-pack (80 pieces total) costs $38, both with free shipping. You can order and find out more at

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  1. Rob

    Sounds pretty good, though I wish they would have used rice milk rather than soy to help avoid the “tangy” flavor soy can add. If you want great vegan chocolates try I’ve bought from them a number of times and it’s all good! I thought I’d never taste a true chocolate truffle again until I found this site.

    One thing I used to love was the hollow chocolate easter rabbits. With them you could eat the ears then fill the hollow chocolate “cup” with amaretto, kahlua, chambourd, whatever you like. Ah, heaven. All the easter bunnies seem to be milk chocolate, so I haven’t experienced the “bunny cup” in years. Any ideas about sources of vegan hollow chocolate easter bunnies?

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