Man Frees Fish


I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing: Dude buys giant fish in a Chinese grocery store and sets it free in the Hudson River.

Yes, I could say something about how the fish has probably grown a third leg because it’s in the Hudson River, but in all seriousness, I wonder what happened to the fish. In the comments of that blog entry, people were quick to call this guy an idiot screaming that he probably ruined the entire ecosystem and man-eating fish will now probably come and eat all of New York. Somehow, I doubt it’s that dire, but one obvious question: was this fish a freshwater or saltwater fish? According to this and this, it looks like the Buffalo Fish, a carp-like fish in the sucker family, is a freshwater fish. According to this article, the Hudson River contains only fresh water north of the George Washington Bridge.” So, it looks like it’s both.

Anyone more knowledgeable about fish that could analyze this a little more closely?

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  1. brigita

    I e-mailed a friend who’s a fish scientist about this and he replied:

    “It’s a buffalo- most likely a bigmouth buffalo, Ictiobus cyprinellus. I don’t know what exactly the state of the Hudson River is these days, but things have to be really really bad for NO fish to live someplace. This guy could potentially live there, above the area of tidal influence, but he would’ve never survived the proposed journey.”

  2. leah

    I’m not sure about fish, but I’ve always heard never buy lobsters in order to set them free. In doing so you are supporting the industry you aim to demise. So, eventhough his intentions may be good, they are misguided. Now, if the fish can live in the Hudson, I have no idea.

  3. arturo

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  4. Tod Brilliant

    One thing to realize about this guy, however, is that whether he intended to be or not, he’s a hero. Why? Because he made headlines and by doing so he reminded a lot of people about what it is, exactly, that they and others eat. In short, he increased awareness and discussion, and that’s tough to do in the U.S.A..

  5. Heather

    In reality, I think this would be a pretty stupid thing to do, but did you read the entire blog entry? It was a joke. Look at the very last line.

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