Three Foods I’m Loving


There are three foods that I’ve been loving recently:

SoyBoy spreads


Recently when I’ve written about food items I’ve tried, my commentary has been positive. I’ve been amazed at how many really good prepared foods are out there. But every so often I come across one that makes me cringe and think, “Gawd, if a non-veg*n tried this, they’d never give up {meat,dairy,eggs}.” SoyBoy‘s new “cream cheese alternative” spreads fall into that category.

After having such good experience with Tofutti’s Better Than Cream Cheese offerings (except, of course, their Smoked Salmon), I had high hopes for SoyBoy, especially since their offerings are healthier and less expensive. Besides, I’ve liked other SoyBoy products I’ve tried, like the Okara Courage Burger.

But when I tried the Chive-Y Onion Spread on a whole wheat bagel, I couldn’t keep from scrunching up my nose. This stuff was not only a weird consistency, but it tasted and smelled foul. Yeah, there are onions in there and since I see green, there are probably some chives in there, too, but it tasted like an old sock. An old sock you could spread, of course, but an old sock, nonetheless.

The original flavor version was slightly better. The consistency was more cream cheese-like but it just tasted bland. Still, the original flavor could probably be mixed with your own fresh chives with slightly tastier results.

So, yes, Tofutti’s Better Than Cream Cheese will load you up with sat fat and trans fat alike, but it’s so far ahead of SoyBoy’s offerings that I just can’t recommend choosing the healthier option over the better tasting option this time around.