Three Foods I’m Loving, part 3


Let’s see if I can stretch this series out for the rest of the week.

  • Tazo Matcha Tea Latte (click on Products -> Tea Lattes… damn non-bookmarkable Flash) – Or as I so cleverly call it, a “lat-tea.” I’m absolutely hooked on this: mix half a mug of this concentrated Japanese green tea (with honeydew accents) with half a mug of soy milk (OK, it has to be a little less than half since otherwise the mug would overflow after one step) and microwave for three minutes. The result is a creamy, green tea-y hot beverage that will make your eyes roll into the back of your head. Also quite awesome is their Vanilla Black lat-tea.
  • Vice Cream – I’m not about to go out and spend $16 on two vanilla beans, but most of the recipes in this book make it fun to break out the ice cream maker (~$25) and make some homemade frozen desserts. I really liked the vanilla chocolate chip recipe… you’re not going to mistake it for Breyer’s, but an ice cream whose base is cashew nuts (!!!) instead of dairy has a very unique and interesting taste. Good stuff. Also good: the apple cinnamon flavor.
  • Silk Enhanced – The most nutrient-dense soy milk on the market (as far as I know) also tastes good on cereal. Interestingly, this was originally designed as a soymilk for women because of its vitamin C, folic acid, and omega-3s… but don’t men need those, too?

2 Responses to “Three Foods I’m Loving, part 3”

  1. Jennifer Shmoo

    Great site! Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve been thinking about getting “Vice Cream”.

  2. vegenaise

    I like the silk enhanced in my coffee, personally. And I’m a man, and I’m all over those extra nutrients. Hey, I can use ’em too!

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