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The other day I was thinking, “What would be something really nice that I could do for both Veg Blog readers and people that make products that I really support?” It didn’t take me long to think, “Monthly contest!” After all, one lucky reader per month will get something cool and a company that I am comfortable supporting gets a month of exposure on the site. I’m “giving back,” but twice! It’s like resurrecting two birds with one incantation.

Since March is already nine days gone and I have to do a little legwork to lineup sponsors for the contest, I decided to go ahead and give away a copy of my hip-hop mix CD Conspicuous Absence. It’s not veggie-themed or anything, but it was mixed by a vegan. That’s good enough, right?

Conspicuous Absence is also reviewed in the new issue of Herbivore (#7). Also in that issue is my interview with the PCRM‘s Dr. Neal Barnard who plays in a pretty wicked band named Verdun.

4 Responses to “Contest and Herbivore”

  1. epski

    Now, who knew Barnard was in a band? I like getting to know more personal stuff about guys like him. Fleshes ’em out a little so they don’t seem so hell-bent on pushing an agenda at the expense of actually living life a little. Rock on!

  2. vegenaise

    Cool! A contest!

    Also, nice work in Herbivore. I’m a subscriber, and enjoyed your article.

  3. Summer Blues

    Silk Soy Very Vanilla Three Pack fortified with Calcium, B12, and other healthy stuff. It tastes great and is easy to pack in a lunch.

  4. Christopher Jones

    Best vegetarian hip hop song?

    Beef by KRS-ONE

    Be Healthy by Dead Prez

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