Shhh… quiet…


Posting around these parts is a bit light… two reasons: 1. computer at home died a horrible death, new one on the way in a bit, but that means no net at home (AAAARGH!)… and 2. busy as hell at work.

But, for now, go check out, a new vegan blog by a coupla’ 30-year-old vegans. (Scary realization, I’ll be a 30-year-old vegan this year, too. Time to start looking for cemetery plots.)

Also: How have I missed this blog for the last year?

4 Responses to “Shhh… quiet…”

  1. vegenaise

    hey, thanks for the props! And hey, 30-ish isn’t that old! ;)

  2. Summer Blues

    Hey, stop calling me old. :)

  3. Lee Busch

    Thank you for promoting all these great vegan blogs. I wonder, are more vegans blogging now, or are more bloggers going vegan? Hopefully it’s the latter…

  4. VeganMomma

    You are definitely not old at the age of 30. I am 34. I definitely dont think of myself as old. ;-)

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