Site updates


Man, the site’s been a mess the last few days, huh? I realized yesterday that when I upgraded Movable Type, I broke the comments and trackbacks. Both are working now. (If you ever get an error when commenting, please let me know… I don’t comment on my own site very often, so I won’t know about a problem unless someone tells me!)

And then I realized today that I had completed deleted the sidebar… a burp in FTPEdit. Fixed now.

One other change I made: I got rid of the “features” section and took all of that content and made it part of the main blog. I figured there was no reason to separate these longer, feature-length posts from the rest of the site. They have their own category. Just think, one less RSS feed to worry about.

I think I’m done screwing with the site for a while, so now it’s back to the content.

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