Snakker and Goodbaker updates


My new computer has arrived and the transition has begun, so posts here should start picking up again.

One thing I’ve been meaning to do is write a follow-up to my Snakker bar review a few weeks ago. Ibrahim sent me a sample of his modified Snakker bar that features more cocoa, even though it’s at a greater cost to him. The new bar is an improvement on the original, which was already a tasty and unique treat. The sweetness of the dates is still evident, but it’s more subdued and blends even more nicely with the cocoa and peanuts. Good stuff.

He also sent along one of the Raw Bakery’s raw brownies. As with the Snakker bar, the sweetness comes from medjool dates (ingredient #1). This one’s a favorite of Carol Alt. What surprised me most about the brownie was its moistness… you’d think raw = dry, but even after being open for a week or two (I like to savor my brownies, so sue me), it still retained all its original flavor and moistness. The chocolate flavor isn’t heavy, so if you’re used to super-sugary brownies made from a mix, this is going to be a bit of a shock. But, in a good way… I mean, really, when was the last time you can say you had a brownie that tasted great and was actually good for you.

Worth noting: their new Coco Joy bar.

I also wanted to add a quick comment to my Goodbaker post. I made their brownie mix a few weeks ago. Wow oh wow. That’s all I can say. Great stuff.

Hey, why not have the best of both worlds… grab a raw brownie from the Raw Bakery and then bake some with the Goodbaker mix. Have your brownie and eat it too…

Quick shot

Life without a home PC continues. Things should be back to normal by next week. So, a few random things to pass along in the mean time:

  • I made Chocolate Swirl Bars last night. They were really easy and came out pretty well. I added 1/4 tsp. of peppermint extract for just a hint of mint.
  • Vote for the Sexiest Vegetarian Alive. How did I not make the list? Do I not look sexy in this one-piece made out of kale?
  • Another blog worth mentioning: Abundant, a veggie/sustainable agriculture blog with purdy food pictures

Shhh… quiet…


Posting around these parts is a bit light… two reasons: 1. computer at home died a horrible death, new one on the way in a bit, but that means no net at home (AAAARGH!)… and 2. busy as hell at work.

But, for now, go check out, a new vegan blog by a coupla’ 30-year-old vegans. (Scary realization, I’ll be a 30-year-old vegan this year, too. Time to start looking for cemetery plots.)

Also: How have I missed this blog for the last year?

Site updates

Man, the site’s been a mess the last few days, huh? I realized yesterday that when I upgraded Movable Type, I broke the comments and trackbacks. Both are working now. (If you ever get an error when commenting, please let me know… I don’t comment on my own site very often, so I won’t know about a problem unless someone tells me!)

And then I realized today that I had completed deleted the sidebar… a burp in FTPEdit. Fixed now.

One other change I made: I got rid of the “features” section and took all of that content and made it part of the main blog. I figured there was no reason to separate these longer, feature-length posts from the rest of the site. They have their own category. Just think, one less RSS feed to worry about.

I think I’m done screwing with the site for a while, so now it’s back to the content.