Hippo and Tortoise


Baby hippo and adopted “mother,” a 120-year-old Kenyan sanctuary tortoise: picture one, picture two.

The hippo survived the tsunami and has been inseparable from the tortoise since then. Seriously, how cute is that?

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Product Placement


First of all, let me state that I know I’m a geek for even noticing this and an even bigger geek for getting excited about it and posting pictures here.

Last night, I was watching King of Queens and there was a scene where characters Doug and Carrie were sitting on the couch eating ice cream, complaining about how they didn’t have any couple-friends to go out with on Saturday nights.

Doug Heffernan eating... what is that I see?

Take a closer look at what’s in his hand.

Soy Delicious!

As the kids would say: OMFG~! It’s Soy Delicious!

Jeez… product placement of Soy Delicious last night on a sitcom and an honest-to-god commercial for Silk this morning. The world will be ours! Muhahaha!

(To further ensure my geek status, I’m curious about which flavor he was eating. Looks like it might possibly be Chunky Mint Madness.)

Recipes back online


The other day I added a new feature (an RSS feed for the recipe section). Unfortunately, while it functioned flawlessly, I botched the rest of the recipe section, so any recipes I linked up earlier blog posts no longer worked. The problem has been fixed, so you again have access to our massive database of 14 recipes.

Good-Hearted Omnis, pt. 2

One of the things I realized that I left out of my previous post about holiday eating is how touched I was by the people that made it a point to make sure I had something to eat beyond what I brought. My mom’s cousin Bonnie made a separate batch of mashed potatoes for me at Wigilia (using Earth Balance and soy milk) and even commented on how she couldn’t tell the difference between them and the “regular” mashed potatoes when she tried them. Nick, who’s a college sophomore and has a vegan roommate, even made sure that Bonnie washed the butter off of the beaters before making my potatoes (though I probably wouldn’t have tripped out too about that, it was a really nice gesture and shows that he’s really conscientious).

And then there’s my dad, who told me, “I hope you don’t expect me to make a separate batch of Christmas cookies for you!” I didn’t, but he did. In a blind taste test, my mom chose the Earth Balance butter cookies as being more buttery than the regular ones! Nice.

I always try to make it a point that I don’t expect to be catered to and that I’m more than happy to bring a dish to a gathering, but I still get the warm fuzzies when someone goes out of their way for me. The same thing goes for friends that order veg when we go out even though they’re more than welcome to order whatever they want. Good people, man, good people.