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Just got word in the comments of this entry from Cynthia that one of my favorite restaurants, the Singapore Vegetarian Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ is closing this weekend. I’m assuming it has to do with the simple case of “not enough business.” Every time I ate there, the place was almost completely empty. When I was there a year ago with my parents, the owner told me that they were considering adding some meat-based dishes to the menu in an attempt to drum up business. Guess it didn’t work.

So, I’m bummed. But my parents are coming in town this weekend and I tried to convince my mom to pick up some of their great yam-based shrimp one last time on their way down.

Update: Cynthia has given me some new information on the closing:

They will be closing for good this Sunday, January 16. However, the good news is that they are not closingdue tolack of business. I don’t know if you know this, butthere are 2 Singapore restaurants – the one in Cherry Hill, and another in China Town in Philly. Both are run byone family, and both locations require a lot of work. They’ve decided to close this branch, so they can dedicate all their efforts to the one in China Town. Apparently the problem isn’t too little business – but too much!

Though this is a great relief to me (i also thought they were closing for lack of business), my friends and i are still heartbroken. This is the second vegan restaurant to close in Cherry Hill in 2 years (there was another called Evergreen that was really nice, but it was no Singapore), and it just stinks that the final great vegan local for us is going to be acrossthe bridge. Why must Philly get everything wonderful! They already have Kingdom of Vegetarians, sheesh!

Next time you are in Cherry Hill, I’d reccommend the trip to the Singapore in China Town though. It is really nice, and if the owner is there (which he usually is) he almost always brings extra food to the tables! Also, he said that with the extra time, his family will be able to come up with new dishes, which is pretty exciting!

4 Responses to “Singapore Vegetarian closing”

  1. Dave


    That was one of my favorite places to go. Are there any other places like that in the area besides going to philly? I bet not..

  2. Pleather

    I went to Philly’s Singapore Vegetarian for the first time around Christmas, and it was an incredible experience. (And I’ve been to Chinatown many, many times but for some reason never went in.) I’ve never had that many choices in a restaurant before, and it was excellent. I can’t wait to go back the next time we visit family in Philly – I could go there for lunch and dinner everyday and be very content.

  3. chris

    When I found out the one in Cherry Hill closed, it felt like a close friend died. It’s so upsetting.

  4. Tammy

    Singapore was my favorite restaurant. Every time I went back to CH to visit my parents over the past five years, we’d get take out from there. I was devastated when I came home last month to find out it had closed.

    It’s nice that I wasn’t the only one who adored the restaurant! I guess I’ll be trekking into Philly, too.

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