Product Placement


First of all, let me state that I know I’m a geek for even noticing this and an even bigger geek for getting excited about it and posting pictures here.

Last night, I was watching King of Queens and there was a scene where characters Doug and Carrie were sitting on the couch eating ice cream, complaining about how they didn’t have any couple-friends to go out with on Saturday nights.

Doug Heffernan eating... what is that I see?

Take a closer look at what’s in his hand.

Soy Delicious!

As the kids would say: OMFG~! It’s Soy Delicious!

Jeez… product placement of Soy Delicious last night on a sitcom and an honest-to-god commercial for Silk this morning. The world will be ours! Muhahaha!

(To further ensure my geek status, I’m curious about which flavor he was eating. Looks like it might possibly be Chunky Mint Madness.)

7 Responses to “Product Placement”

  1. Jon Berg

    Do you record the king of Queens since you managed to take photos of the screen?

  2. Ryan

    No, just the magic of PVRs. I paused it live and grabbed my camera to get this shot. (Sure, I could have done some sort of nicer screencap, but it would have taken me forever.)

  3. Meredith

    Wow! That’s awesome. It seems to me it could have been deliberate product placement, or it could it have been something the actor happens to prefer eating?

  4. Hanuman

    Somehow I can’t see this actor (Kevin James?) requesting this specifically. It was probably some Vegan propmaster who told him it was premium ice cream!

  5. Ryan

    In that case: rock on, Vegan Propmaster!

  6. karsten

    If you want product placement. Check out how often Bud Light is in King of Queens. There is no doubt that is deliberate. Nike too, notice how often Doug wears nike. It’s repulsing.

  7. Roxy

    That looks like peanut butter chocolate ice cream, my little piece of heaven on earth

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