Fattoush for Christmas?


Time was tight before heading to New Jersey for the holiday, so instead of making the stew I had planned on, I made Fattoush (a middle eastern bread salad) instead. The dish ended up being a hit, even though I wasn’t expecting anyone else to try it. What’s great about it is that it’s so easy to make, and as long as you have fresh herbs and the somewhat hard to find dried sumac (I got mine at a nearby Iranian grocery store), you’re good to go, no cooking involved. As you can imagine, there are many, many variations on the traditional fattoush recipe.

(Fattoush for Christmas, you say? Well, Jesus was from the middle east, wasn’t he?)

For Wigilia, Huyen searched the net far and wide for interesting vegetarian dishes that would be easy to make and that could be served cold. We went with Jablka Na Winie Czerwonym, Baked Apples with Red Wine. The recipe doesn’t say to peel the apples, but we did so that the flavors would soak in well. Something interesting I learned along the way: the only real difference between red wine and “red cooking wine” is that the cooking wine has salt in it.

Tomorrow night we have a New Year’s Eve party to go to where I’ll be making the Tunisian Vegetable Stew (for real, this time!). We’re also getting together with friends on New Year’s Day, though I’m not quite sure what I’m making yet. Though I’m thinking for dessert: this chocolate cake recipe with the mint chocolate variation of this icing. (Oh, and check out the punk Gingerbread cookies… awesome!)

Have a great New Year, everybody.

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