Holiday Eats


With Thanksgiving—always a stressful holiday for non-meat-eaters—just past, Christmas is staring us in the face. What are you planning on eating this holiday? Are you sticking around home or visiting family?

We’ll be visiting family, participating in the annual Wigilia Polish dinner on Christmas Eve and then spending Christmas at my parents’ house with my family.

Eating at my parent’s place won’t be too tricky. They’re all eating a meat dish and I’ll have to prepare my own main dish, but my mom’s making sure some of the sides are vegan-safe for me. Wigilia is going to be a little tougher, though, which is odd since the only meat consumed at Wigilia is fish. Yet, there are very few veg-friendly dishes there. I’ll be bringing an appetizer (not sure what yet, but Huyen’s been scouring the web, our cookbooks, and magazines for veggie Polish dishes, and I’ll probably have to bring a small main course of my own, too. I’m thinking about making a large batch of Tunisian Vegetable Stew to last through Sunday.

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