Looking for a last-minute gift idea? I really meant to get this review done earlier so that these could find their way into more hands for the holidays, but hey, I’ve given enough “IOU” presents with pictures of the item that’s “on the way” to know that people don’t totally disown you for a late gift.

Goodbaker fulfills a simple need that not many other companies do: the need for healthy, vegan baking mixes. Really, one of the most difficult things about transitioning to being vegan is learning how best to replace eggs in baking. Lee Busch at Goodbaker has fulfilled this need, and fulfilled it quite well.

The mixes come in simple brown paper packages with instructions stuck right on. But, really, the instructions don’t go far beyond “take x amount of water and oil, mix with dry ingredients to form a ball, and then scoop dough onto a baking sheet.” It’s about as easy as can be. Plus you can take a taste of the dough without worrying about salmonella. Tasty and food poisoning free!

Of the mixes I’ve received, I’ve tried both the Classic Chocolate Chip cookie mix and the Oatmeal Spice cookie mix. While I’m generally a fan of the straight chocolate chip cookie more than any other, the Oatmeal Spice cookie really got my attention. It’s hearty tasting and touched with just the right amount of spice to keep things interesting. While my wife and a friend of ours painted our family room, I was in the kitchen baking up a batch of these. Even though I was bowing out of the manual labor for a while in favor of baking, they both thanked me without any mention of my lack of painting time.

Now don’t get me wrong… it may sound like I didn’t like the chocolate chip cookie mix, but that’s pretty far from the trust. Indeed, Goodbaker’s mix produced the best whole wheat vegan chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tried.

OK, OK, I think they’re the only whole wheat vegan chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tried. But they’re good! Halfway between crunchy and soft, they really hit the spot without that nasty “I shouldn’t have eaten that feeling” that usually comes after devouring too many cookies at one time. Kids raised on nothing but Toll House cookies may take a little while to adapt to these, but at this point, I’ll take a Goodbaker cookie over a Toll House cookie any day.

A few more items I have stored away for some winter baking: a cake and ganache frosting mix and, I believe brownies. I will report back on these as I try them.

Beyond the food, though, Goodbaker is a company worth supporting. They’re environmentally conscious (they don’t use unnecessary packing material… honestly, I’ve never seen a more efficiently packed box before) and are quick to support pro-animal causes (Lee graciously donated mixes for a silent auction that we had at Poplar Spring earlier in the year). It always makes me feel really good to see good people doing good work.

It’s hard to go wrong with Goodbaker. Tasty, yet healthy, desserts from a company worth supporting.

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  1. Isa

    Yum, I tried some Good Baker mixes as well and they were great. Especially the chocolate chip cookies.

  2. Ryan

    Have I mentioned recently that Isa, too, rocks the spot? I love the fact that the world’s best mail order vegan baking mix company and the world’s best public access vegan cooking show in Brooklyn are buddies.


  3. Charlie

    Thanks for pointing out Goodbaker to us!

    We tried them all and could not believe that they really were healthy foods. Not only delicious and organic, but did you check out their claories and fats? As a 30-year veg/chocoholic, I assumed all such foods had to taste like cardboard. It’s wonderful to have a choice.

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