Vegan Cheesesteaks


I’m happy to report that my vegan cheesesteak with homemade seitan experiment and faux Cheez Whiz (fortunately, much less scary than regular Cheez Whiz) was a success. While it didn’t perfectly replicate the flavor of a authentic Philly Cheesesteak—though I did follow the general directions according to Pat’s—it was a damn fine replacement. Nice and heavy and significantly less greasy (for better or worse). The cheese was the big surprise… who would have thought a fake cheese whose first ingredient is Great Northern Beans could really taste like good old junky Cheez Whiz, and actually be healthy, to boot? (Yes, I know, it kind of defeats the purpose).

I’d like to perfect the recipe and make some really thinly sliced seitan for a more authentic texture. In time, in time…

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  1. Timothy Latz

    If you ever come to Philly, let me know and I’ll treat you to a Veggie cheeseteak at Giannas Grille. They ain’t half bad, yo. =)

    I remember seeing a picture from early on in the presidential campaign when Kerry came to town and ordered swiss chesse for his cheesesteak. People here were scandalized and hence, he lost the race..

  2. Pamela

    Hello. Can you email me your recipe for vegan philly cheesesteak? There is a place by our house that makes them and I want to try. I know you haveto have seitan, and I am guessing you got the faux cheese whiz from the Uncheese cookbook, which I have at my home.
    Thank you in advance if you decide to give me the recipe.


  3. Chris

    vegan cheez whiz….you are my hero.

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