Homemade Seitan

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Even though I’ve been vegetarian for over four years and have found that wheat gluten makes some of the most satisfying meat substitutes, I’ve always bought mine from the store. I’ve never prepared it from scratch. But if I had realized how easy (and worthwhile!) it is, I would have tried it before this week.

I used this recipe, generally following the instructions for the “beef” seitan. While it came out a little moister than I would have liked (I halved the recipe, but definitely need to use less than half the amount of water called for), after letting it refrigerate for a day, I was really happy with the flavor. Very sausage like. Not quite what I was going for, but really tasty… it had me craving more after frying up a piece and adding chunks to a simple spaghetti dish. Tonight, I’m going to slice up some pieces, throw them on a sub roll with some fried onions and peppers and top it with some uncheese for a l’il Philly Cheesesteak action.

So now I’m all psyched to try making different seitan recipes. Fortunately, Bryanna Clark Grogan’s posted a bunch of them over in the VegSource forums. Bryanna rocks.

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  1. Jennie

    If you are wanting to try gluten-free seitan there are a bunch of recipes at http://www.meatandeggfree.com/gluten-free-seitan.html

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