Say what you will about PETA (and I know most people have plenty to say about them), but they are simply amazing when it comes to using the web as a way to disseminate information. They have so many sites with individual designs and it’s really astounding. I’ve seen PETA’s job openings listing a few times and know they employ their own little “web team,” which is a luxury that most non-profits don’t have. But still, they continue to impress me with the breadth of their offerings.

One such offering is, a site dedicated to recipes, product reviews, and restaurant information. Robin Robinson (of Vegan Planet and The Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes Cookbook fame) does an “Ask the Vegan Chef” column, there’s a “Chef’s Spotlight,” cookbook and product reviews, and plenty of recipes and features. Really good stuff.

I’m anxious to try out some of their simple holiday baking tips and recipes. That truffle recipe sounds really easy and I’ve got some Grand Marnier just waiting to be used.

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  1. jon

    Followed this from

    Looks like something to print and leave out surreptitiously.

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, that veggie starter kit’s a good one. Over on the Resources page, I have link to a number of good starter kits from different sources. There’s loads of good material “out there,” it just needs to get in front of the right eyes.

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