Every so often I think about those “indispensable” vegan foods. Ones that make life without dairy or eggs significantly easier. One of those products is Vegenaise (which up until this very moment I could have sworn was “Veganaise,” which they address at the bottom of this page), specifically, Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise.

Vegenaise is an excellent replacement for standard mayonnaise and tastes just excellent on a sandwich or sub. The tanginess is there and even right out of the jar, it’s flavor is quite similar to standard, egg-based mayo. As far as the health benefits of grapeseed oil (cancer fighting, lowering cholesterol, etc.), that’s all just gravy on top of the great taste. Not literally, of course. Gravy and mayo would be pretty gross.

Nayonaise is also OK, but in my eyes, not nearly as good. I would, however, like to try their Dijon Style.

5 Responses to “Vegenaise”

  1. Cat

    You thought Vegenaise was Vegenaise? And they address that? What?

    Ryan, you’re hurting me.

  2. Ryan

    Woops — in my attempt to make sure I had spelled it right everywhere, I fixed it even where it was *supposed* be spelled wrong. Feel free to re-read the sentence now. It makes much more sense. :)

  3. Christina Arasmo

    Nayonaise rocks too. It’s much lower fat than Vegenaise, but I use both. The Nayo on a hemp avocado with tofutti melt and add sauerkraut, it’s fantastic! It’s not as good as with the vegenaise.

  4. Justin

    Vegenaise is the god of all that it surveys. Those that scoff are infidels and shall feel her creamy, nay… orgasmic wrath. Bow down and be saved from bland sandwiches and nayonaise inferiority.

  5. jennifer

    I love the Vegenaise with Grapeseed Oil. Yes, it does have 9 grams pf fat in a serving, but it is the “good” fat, grapeseed oil is really good for you.
    I TRY to use it spareingly, but it is almost so yummy, you could just nosh on a spoonful by itself!
    I tried Nayonaise, and it does not taste as scrump as the Vegenaise, but the plus side is that it is lower in fat.
    I’ll stick to Vegenaise with grapeseed oil.

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