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Now that you’ve all had a bit of time to live with the site redesign, how do you like it? Is it better or worse than the old design?

I’ve made a few small changes over the last few weeks that you may not have even noticed. One is that instead of emphasizing the dates on the posts, I’m emphasizing the titles instead. Another is that the Google Ads have been moved up in the sidebar. While I liked where they were visually at the bottom, the click-through rate suffered big time. I’ve also been beefing up the resources section a bit.

I wanted to get readers’ thoughts on one thing, though: do you like the way I’m doing the links as a sideblog, or would you prefer to see them grouped together daily as part of the main blog (see Jeffrey Veen’s site for an example of this in action)? One advantage of making it part of the main blog is that it would allow comments. The disadvantage (which may not actually be one) is that the sideblog links would no longer be part of every page.

Let me know what you think in the comments. And feel free to throw any other site-related criticism in there as well.

2 Responses to “Site questions”

  1. billy

    I for one am a fan of the sideblog. I’m sure you’ve already thought of it but a good compromise would be to implement a comment system on the sideblog. probably 45875784536543798 times more difficult than it sounds, just a thot tho.

  2. Ryan

    It wouldn’t be difficult if I was using Movable Type, but it’s actually using, which makes it a little more tricky.

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